The Bold Scoop #11 :: July 25-31

Sunday, July 24, 2016

As July ends we come closer to the sporting highlight of the year (well of every 2 years actually) aka the Olympic Games. The action kicks off in Rio on August 5 with more than 200 nations expected to participate in nearly 400 events. To get yourself prepared, why not visit Who Shot Sports: A Photographic History, 1843 to the Present at the Brooklyn Museum in New York. The exhibition is guest curated by distinguished photographic historian Gail Buckland and highlights sport photographers and their place in the history of photography, not merely sports history. Featuring more than 200 shots Buckland has chosen for their aesthetic, cultural, and historical significance, the exhibition includes images of many different sports from nations around the globe and covers themes such as the beginnings of sports photography, the Olympics, solo and team sports, portraits, life off the field, and fans. The period it covers—1843 to the present—makes it the most thorough exhibition of sports photographers ever organized.

The 1936 Berlin Olympics (also known as the Nazi Olympics) were the first Olympic Games to ever be televised... that is if you happened to own a television and lived in Germany because worldwide Olympic television broadcasts didn't became possible until the 1960s. Before the advent of TV, sports fans had to make due with radio commentary, and before radios were ubiquitous, you could only read about the results of the events in the newspaper. Look how far we've come.

Up Close and Personal
Who Shot Sports: A Photographic History, 1843 to the Present is on display until January 8, 2017 at the Brooklyn Museum (200 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, New York).

The museum is open Wednesday to Sunday, 11 am - 6 pm and has extended hours, until 10 pm, on Thursday. On first Saturday of every month (except September) the museum is open until 11 pm. Click here for tickets and to plan your visit.

Not in New York but want in on the action? Take a look at these lists - Buzzfeed & Sports Illustrated - for some of the greatest sports photographs ever taken.

You can also pick up the exhibition companion book Who Shot Sports: A Photographic History, 1843 To The Present. The hardcover features more than 280 spectacular images of athletes practicing, working out, and pursuing the daily relentlessness of training and achieving physical perfection.

You might consider Kate Middleton the ultimate royal style icon but the truth is that the Queen has been the reigning fashionista for a better part of a century. A new exhibition titled Fashioning A Reign: 90 Years Of Style From The Queen’s Wardrobe is now on show at the Buckingham Palace with almost 80 of her outfits and 62 of her iconic hats on display. Among the looks featured are her official 1956 portrait gown, her 1953 Norman Hartnell-designed coronation dress and a more recent pink lace number that she wore to the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games. The exhibition which was curated by Caroline de Guitaut celebrates the Queen's 90th birthday and explores her support of British couturiers including Norman Hartnell, Ian Thomas and Hardy Amies. Companion exhibitions are also hosted at the Palace of Holyroodhouse and starting September 17 at Windsor Castle where evening gowns and elegant day ensembles worn at official events will be showcased alongside fancy-dress costumes worn by the young Princess Elizabeth for wartime family pantomimes at the Castle.

One of the most recognized pieces displayed at the new exhibition is the Queen's wedding dress. Created by Sir Norman Hartnell in 1947, the magnificent dress is made of ivory silk and decorated with crystals and 10,000 seed pearls. The silkworms used to manufacture the fabric were brought from China, rather than Japan or Italy, which had so recently been enemy countries. The gown also incorporates a 15ft star-patterned train, woven in Braintree, Essex, and inspired by the famous Renaissance painting Primavera by Botticelli, symbolising rebirth and growth after World War II. The accompanying shoes are tiny... her shoe size has never been officially revealed, but is believed to be a minuscule UK 2.5 or 3 (European 35).

Up Close and Personal
Fashioning A Reign: 90 Years Of Style From The Queen's Wardrobe is on display at the following locations:
Buckingham Palace until October 2.
Palace of Holyroodhouse until October 16.
Windsor Castle from September 17 to January 8, 2017.
Click here to plan your visit and for ticket information.

Not in London? Click here for a closer look at some of the historic pieces on display at the exhibition.

Music festivals have been around for far longer than most of us realize. Italy's Fiera della Frecagnola has been hosted since 1450 while the Pythian Games (aka one of the four Panhellenic Games of Ancient Greece) date back to sometime in the 6th century BC and may be one of the earliest festivals known. Most of us are familiar with the heavyweights of the scene like Glastonbury and Coachella but there is another US based music festival which has attracted crowds for years... Lollapalooza was created by singer Perry Farrell and started out as a farewell tour for his band Jane's Addiction. Since 2005, the annual event is held at Grant Park in Chicago and features popular alternative rock, heavy metal, punk rock, hip hop, and EDM bands as well as artists, dance and comedy performances. The 2016 Lollapalooza runs from July 28 to 31 and includes Jane's Addiction as one of the headliners to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the festival.

Summerfest held in Milwaukee has held the Guinness World Records certified title of "The World's Largest Music Festival" since 1999. Operating annually since 1968, the festival attracts between 800,000 and 1 million people each year, and hosts over 800 musical acts over an 11-day period. In comparison, Coachella draws around 500,000 people annually and Glastonbury sees only about 175,000 spectators. The largest annual greenfield music festival in the world is the Roskilde Festival in Denmark which attracts approximately 135,000 spectators each year and steals the title from Glastonbury because the latter takes a fallow year roughly every 5 years and is therefore considered non-annual.

Up Close and Personal
Lollapalooza 2016 takes place from July 28 to 31 in Grant Park, Chicago. You can find out more about tickets here. For a full schedule click here.

Not going to be in the Windy City? Check out Red Bull TV for a live broadcast from the festival.

Robert Mapplethorpe, the photographer who took his art to the outer limits of his own personal sexual experience, is among the most influential visual artists of the late 20th century. Though most famous for his black & white fetish pieces depicting the underground BDSM scene of the late 60s, he is also known for shooting an array of celebrity portraits and even still-life images of flowers. The polarizing photographer has been the subject of many exhibitions (during his life and posthumously) with the latest one wrapping up its 4-month run at both the LACMA and the J. Paul Getty Museum on July 31. Robert Mapplethorpe: The Perfect Medium explores his body of work from early drawings, collages, sculptures and Polaroids to his more sexual pieces and the controversial X Portfolio. The 2 museums are highlighting different aspects of the artist’s complex oeuvre with the Getty mostly focusing on Mapplethorpe's disciplined studio practice and his fascination with classical form and the fine photographic print.

Patti Smith, the singer-songwriter and the highly influential component of the New York City punk rock movement of the 70's, was one of Robert Mapplethorpe's closest friends. The two met in late 60's and had an intense romantic relationship, which was tumultuous as the pair struggled with times of poverty, and Mapplethorpe with his own sexuality. Smith considers Mapplethorpe to be one of the most important people in her life, and in her book Just Kids she refers to him as "the artist of my life". The pair remained friends until the photographer's death in 1989 and Mapplethorpe's shots of the singer were used as covers for many of the Patti Smith Group LPs.

Up Close and Personal
Robert Mapplethorpe: The Perfect Medium is on display at LACMA and the J. Paul Getty Museum until July 31.
You can plan your visit here - LACMA & J. Paul Getty Museum. Tickets to the LACMA exhibit are $27 for non-members - you can book here. Admission to the J. Paul Getty Museum is free.

Both museums offer exhibition walking tours for a more in depth look at Mapplethorpe's work.
LACMA has tours on Thursday, July 28 at 1 pm and Sunday, July 31 at 2:30 pm.
Getty runs exhibition tours Tuesday through Sunday at 2:30 pm.

Want a closer look at Mapplethorpe's life and work? Catch the Mapplethorpe: Look at the Pictures documentary on HBO or browse some of his photographs here.

👟 Rihanna is debuting a new iteration of her popular creeper for the Fenty Puma collection. The camo-style shoe which will retail for $154 is being released on July 28 on Puma's website and in select stores. Prior creeper iterations have sold out in rapid pace so if this one is on your wish list then set a reminder and get your clicking finger ready.

🎼 Ever get that overwhelming desire to touch art while you're in a museum? Well this is your chance... Polyphonic Playground, a site specific, interactive sound installation commissioned by the Fashion Space Gallery will be shown during Crossovers at Here East in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on July 30 and 31. Visitors are invited to interact with (read touch & play with) the structure as well as see it used as part of a new performance created by choreographer Eleesha Drennan. Find out more here.

⚡️ Ever since the final Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, was published in 2007 the fans have been campaigning for a sequel and they are finally going to get their wish... Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts I and II will be published moments after midnight on July 31. The official sequel to the original 7 books is set 19 years after the end of the final novel and will will focus on Harry’s youngest son, Albus Severus. Can you feel the magic in the air?!? 😋

Best Dressed Of The Past Week :: Oh, what a week it was... Leo DiCaprio hosted his 3rd annual fundraising gala in St. Tropez with a guest list that included both VS angels and the Princess of Monaco - we're still swooning over Doutzen's revealing peach number. Meanwhile, Celine Dion had a highly fashionable 24 hours as she visited the Today Show and the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon - that mod Gucci mini was stunning on her. To top it all off, the RNC saw both Melania & Ivanka Trump take the stage in gorgeous (AND affordable in the case of Ivanka) knee-length dresses. See below for our favorite looks of the week.
Doutzen Kroes at the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation Gala 2016 in a rusty peach colored silk wrap dress with a long slit
Doutzen Kroes
Princess Charlene of Monaco at the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation Gala 2016 in a black and white long sleepless gown with a knot detail
Princess Charlene of Monaco
Constance Jablonski at the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation Gala 2016 in a white lace ruffle dress
Constance Jablonski
Celine Dion at the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon in a silver sequin long sleeve mini dress
Celine Dion
Celine Dion in a yellow ruffle shirt with a black neck tie and a Gucci red blue and purple pattern mini skirt
Celine Dion / Gucci
Celine Dion in a multicolored patterned Versace jumpsuit
Celine Dion / Versace
Melania Trump at the RNC in a Roksanda Ilincic white knee length dress with puffer sleeves
Melania Trump
Celine Dion during her Today Show performance in a silver sequin suit and a white t-shirt
Celine Dion
Ivanka Trump at the RNC in a peach sleepless knee length dress
Ivanka Trump
Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation Gala Images via CelebMafia & DailyMail & Front Row View - click for more
Celine Dion Images via - click for more
RNC Images via LA Times & E!Onlineclick for more

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