The Bold Scoop #10 :: July 18-24

Sunday, July 17, 2016

There is nothing quite like a New York summer... the endless herds of tourists, putrid-smelling garbage bags abandoned on street corners, rooftop drinking and lazy picnics in the park. It's also that time of the year when both locals and visitors flock to Central Park for a chance to experience a longstanding tradition that is Shakespeare in the Park. Created by the late Joseph Papp in 1962, the Public Theater's series offers free, large-scale productions of works by William Shakespeare. The annual summer run includes 2 plays which are performed at the open-air Delacorte Theater with the magnificent Belvedere Castle serving as a backdrop.
2016 marks 400 years since the death of The Bard and the Public chose to commemorate this occasion by producing 2 of Shakespeare's darker pieces. First off was the all-female interpretation of The Taming of the Shrew which was performed through June 26. The second, Troilus and Cressida will run from July 19 to August 14 and is directed by the Tony-winning Daniel Sullivan. This rarely produced play where both warriors and lovers play hard to get is a surprisingly modern epic about the hot blood, hot thoughts and hot deeds of the ancient Greeks. We can't wait to see what Public has done with it.

Many notable celebs kick-started their careers in the park. In fact, the first time The Taming of the Shrew hit the Delacorte Theater stage in 1978, Meryl Streep was in it. Other notable names who have made an appearance on that stage include Christopher Walken, James Earl Jones, Al Pacino, John Lithgow, Morgan Freeman, Martin Sheen and Anne Hathaway. The latter had the misfortune to appear in the 2009 performance of the Twelfth Night which saw a baby raccoon make its way on stage causing panic among the cast and crew.

Up Close and Personal
Shakespeare in the Park: Troilus and Cressida runs from July 19 to August 14, 2016. With few exceptions, performances are Tuesday through Sunday at 8 pm. The shows are held at the Delacorte Theater in Central Park, enter at 81st Street and Central Park West.

To brush up on your Shakespeare and find out more about Troilus and Cressida, take a peek at SparkNotes.

Tickets are free but getting one is an exercise in patience and perseverance. If possible, shoot for the first week of the performances, seats are always in greater supply early in the run of a show, before reviews and word of mouth have pushed up demand for tickets.
Another good way to increase your odds of a seat is to attend on days when bad weather is predicted. The Public hates canceling Shakespeare in the Park, so the show will go on even if it is drizzling; often, performances will take breaks if it gets too rainy, then resume when the downpour subsides. Keep in mind that open umbrellas are not allowed during performances, so be sure to bring a poncho.

Keep reading for our guide on how to score a ticket...

1. Traditional way... stand in line
Tickets are distributed in front of the Delacorte on a first-come, first-served basis at 12 pm on the day of the show. Arrive no later than 10 am to give yourself a chance at tickets, though it would be wise to get there much earlier if you can manage to drag yourself out of bed. (Central Park doesn’t open until 6 am, but most people camp out before then by the park entrance at Central Park West and 81st Street; a line monitor from the Public escorts early birds to the theater when the park opens.) Each person is limited to 2 free tickets. There’s no cutting, saving spots or leaving the line for any extended length of time; patrolling Public Theater staff will ask you to give up your spot in line if you breach any of these rules.

2. The new way... lottery
If the idea of waiting in line for hours, even in Central Park, doesn’t appeal to you, you can also apply for tickets in a daily online raffle. Create an account and enter your name in the lottery between midnight and 12 pm on the day of the show; then check back after noon to see if your name was selected. The number of tickets offered by lotto varies from day to day.

3. The new way 2.0... downtown line and lottery
On each public performance date, a limited number of vouchers for that night’s performance will be distributed via an in-person lottery downtown at The Public Theater, 425 Lafayette Street at Astor Place. Sign-up for the lottery will begin in the Lobby of The Public at 11:30 am and the lottery will be drawn at 12 pm. Each entrant (age 5+) if selected, is allowed 2 vouchers, and each voucher is good for one ticket.

4. An outside chance... vouchers in the outer boroughs
On some days, a limited number of vouchers are distributed in each of the 5 boroughs between 12 pm and 2 pm. These vouchers can then be exchanged for tickets at the Delacorte. Click here for more info on this.

5. For ballers... pay your way
If you make a tax-deductable donation of $200 to the Public to become what’s known as a Summer Supporter, you are rewarded with one reserved seat to one of the summer’s two productions. Only a limited number of such tickets are available, though, so join the program early if you hope to secure a seat through it.

6. The long-shot... go standby
As a last resort, or if you happen to be in Central Park with some time to kill in the evening, consider the standby line, which begins at 6 pm. Unclaimed tickets are distributed just before curtain time, so you might get lucky (especially if the weather is less than ideal).

* The above guide was compiled with information that appeared in TimeOut - click to find out more.

When we think of fashionable Scandinavians it's usually the Swedes who come to mind. After all, sites like Stockholm Streetstyle have made relaxed dressing pretty much synonymous with the land of H&M... but they are not the "only game in town". Finland is often overlooked in the style stakes despite being the home base of some seriously cool fashion labels. You can get a taste of this local talent at the upcoming Helsinki Fashion Week. The 5-day event will take place from July 22 to 26 on the Soumenlinna islands which are only accessible by water - pretty cool no?! This is the first time that the island cluster and its historical sea fortress will be used exclusively for a fashion event. HFW 2016 seeks to go beyond the European market and engage innovative and cutting edge designers from as far away as South Africa, Latin America, Asia, Australia, UAE, and elsewhere, presenting these distant cultures in the Nordic context and the Nordic lifestyle. In addition to fashion shows, the event will also include a number of talks, covering everything from sustainability to sexuality, and a pop-up store.

Print-rich Marimekko (translated "Mary-dress") is one of the more famous Finnish fashion exports. The label was founded in 1951 by Armi and Viljo Ratia, launched onto the international arena in the 1960s and has since become a respected name in the design world. Style icon Jackie Kennedy was pictured in the label during the 1960 presidential campaign while more recently Sarah Jessica Parker wore one of their print dresses on Sex and the City. Today Marimekko is a leading textile company, producing fabrics and readymade items for stores all over the world. Their designs can be seen in places as varied as Crate and Barrel and H&M.

Up Close and Personal
Helsinki Fashion Week: Nordic Reflections will take place from July 22 to 26 on Soumenlinna islands, Helsinki 00190, Finland.
Take a closer look at the schedule here, then book your ticket.

Want to learn more about the rising stars of Finnish fashion? Here is a list of 10 designers you should know about.

Street art or graffiti has been around since ancient times (you can see examples of early work on the walls of Egyptian temples) and whether you see the beauty in it or contest its value, you have to admit that it's both rapidly developing and a legitimate form of art. The Art Conference taking place July 23 and 24 is your chance to peek behind the curtain of the street art scene. This 2-day arts festival will take a closer look at how technology is impacting street art and will include keynote presentations debating the social, political and environmental changes that the medium is creating as well as opportunities to meet some of the faces behind the works. The talent present at the festival is rumored to include the likes of Jordan Seiler (artist & activist - NY), Jose Montemayor (visual artist - Mexico), Maser (artist - UK), Robert Montgomery (artist & poet - UK) and Dan Witz (artist - NY) among others. For serious enthusiasts and collectors there will also be opportunities to invest in astonishing new art initiatives and artworks on exhibit during the event.

One of the world’s most entertaining and controversial street artists is the mysterious Banksy who has enjoyed commercial success in this field and whose works continue to rise in value... the unknown star reportedly fetched more than $1.8 million at an auction for an artistic collaboration he did with Damien Hirst and £1 million for his Bansky vs. Bristol City Museum installation at the Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery. Perhaps the most ironic thing about the street art star is that his stencil style resembles closely that of Blek le Rat who is widely considered to be the "father of stencil graffiti" but is somehow significantly less famous and successful. Go figure.

Up Close and Personal
The Art Conference will take place July 23 and 24 at the Ugly Duck (47/49 Tanner Street, SE1 3PL, London), near London Bridge station.

Visitors will be treated to food and drink from local chefs in the outdoor food court, while networking breakfasts and afternoon teas will be provided by Unity Kitchen, a social enterprise creating jobs and apprenticeships for people with disabilities.

Take a look at the full schedule here and find out about ticket options here. Also, TimeOut is running a special promotion at the moment with tickets for either day at more than 40% off.

Let's talk Tour de France or The Spandex Race as we like to call it here at TBS. What might seem like a complicated affair is actually rather simple... a swarm of cyclists clad in shhhhexy lycra make their way through the French countryside over 3 weeks and whoever gets to Paris in the quickest time wins. OK, it's a little more complex than that. This year sees 198 riders from 22 teams compete for the 21 stage wins and ultimately the winner’s yellow jersey or maillot jaune. Each team has a leader who is tasked with finishing as high as possible while his teammates support him in this quest by providing shelter from the elements and attacking rivals. Britain's Chris Froome is the defending champion (read here why he ended up running up Mount Ventoux sans bike during leg 12) hoping to bring home the overall victory while sprinters such as Mark Cavendish and Marcel Kittel are expected to carry on dominating during the flat stages. Tour races continue daily with the final leg from Chantilly to Paris taking place July 24.

Tour de France has a long and shameful tradition of outrageous cheating (we've all heard about Lance Armstrong's indiscretions) with scandal accompanying the race from the very start. In fact, the 1904 Tour was so mired in controversy that only 15 of the 27 cyclists that finished were NOT disqualified for some form of cheating... there were reports that the original winner Maurice Garin took a train to "conserve energy" while other contestants rode in or were pulled by cars along the way. Last year, just one rider tested positive for doping during the race. It remains to be seen whether that's a sign that the cheating days in the sport are over or if riders (and their physicians) have just gotten much better at it.

Up Close and Personal
The 103rd edition of Tour de France started at Mont Saint-Michel, Normandy, on July 2, 2016, and will conclude with the Champs-Élysées stage in Paris, on July 24.

Unless you live in (or are vacationing in) France and the Tour route happens to go past your house, you're likely not going to be following the race in person. After all, it's much more comfortable to watch the highlights from your couch.
In US, NBC has sole rights to the broadcast with replays available online. In the UK, The Guardian provides a handy live feed with all the action.

Want to know what part of France your boys in skintight pants are? Take a look at the race map here.

👻 If like us you had the 1984 classic Ghostbusters on repeat then you need to check out the remake starring paranormal enthusiasts Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy who band together to stop a ghost invasion of Manhattan. Still not sold? Hunky Chris Hemsworth of Thor fame also makes an appearance. Who you gonna call? 😉

🌴 Jennifer Meyer aka Mrs. Tobey Maguire has amassed quite the celebrity following... her jewelry has been spotted on everyone from Jennifer Aniston to Kate Hudson. For a touch of Hollywood chic check out her latest collaboration with Net-a-Porter which is an ode to her California roots and features 18-karat gold, turquoise and miniature palm trees - these earrings are our favorite. The 7-piece collection retails from $350 and is available now at

🎙The iconic Selfridges is hosting Shakespeare reCITED, a series of electrifying music and art performances from today’s most compelling grime and spoken word artists. The events are presented as part of the Shakespeare reFASHIONed campaign which marks 400 years since The Bard’s death. Next up in the series... Rejjie Snow X Life’s A Beach on Wednesday, July 20 - book now. You can find out more about the campaign here.

Haute Couture 2016/17 Front Row :: Paris Haute Couture shows brought out fashionistas and style mavens in force... Mira Duma made a relaxed appearance at Chanel as well as clad in perfect dress up/dress down fashion at Alberta Ferretti. The white embroidered jacket sported by Olivia Palermo at Schiaparelli was a thing of dreams while Aimee Song of Song of Style fame demonstrated how to wear an overt lace piece day-to-day at Elie Saab. See below for some of our favorite looks.
Mira Duma at Chanel Haute Couture 2016/17 show in a grey Chanel jacket white t-shirt black jeans and black naked sandals
Mira Duma / Chanel
Mira Duma at Giorgio Armani Prive Haute Couture 2016/17 show in black leather short sleeve top black leather midi skirt and with an oxblood handbag
Mira Duma / Giorgio Armani
Mira Duma at Alberta Ferretti Haute Couture 2016/17 show in a white tee sequin midi skirt plaid longline blazer and with a beige handbag
Mira Duma / Alberta Ferretti
Olivia Palermo at Giambattista Valli Haute Couture 2016/17 show in a print mini skirt orange top and a green silk bomber jacket
Olivia Palermo / G.Valli
Olivia Palermo at Alexis Mabille Haute Couture 2016/17 show in a black studded leather jacket flowing black top and black jeans
Olivia Palermo / Alexis Mabille
Olivia Palermo at Schiaparelli Haute Couture 2016/17 show in a black and white stripe long sleeve top and wide leg trousers and a white embroidered long sleeve jacket
Olivia Palermo / Schiaparelli
Araya A. Hargate at Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture 2016/17 show in a black sequin structured top and black maxi skirt
Araya A. Hargate / J.P. Gaultier
Aimee Song at Elie Saab Haute Couture 2016/17 show in a white lace top and white mini skirt and lace up court shoes
Aimee Song / Elie Saab
Celine Dion at Dior Haute Couture 2016/17 show in a black blazer and black trousers
Celine Dion / Dior
Images via - click for more

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