What to wear to horse races?

Friday, March 25, 2016

Photo of three women wearing white outfits and hats to horse races
Dubai World Cup is just a day away and I can't wait to watch the races (and the fashion) with my champagne glass in hand. Picking your look for an event like this can be daunting... you need to stick to a dress code while putting your best fashion foot forward... but keeping these ground rules in mind should make it a lot easier.

1. Keep it classy. 
Wearing something super short or low cut will make you stand out but in all the wrong ways. Horse races are sophisticated events and require appropriate dress, go knee length or just above and have "the ladies" covered. Keep the shape of your dress simple but don't shy away from elaborate details such as oversized sleeves or interesting necklines. When it comes to colour I prefer to stick with neutrals or bold jewel tones (but patterns are also popular) and add interest with texture.

Photo horse race appropriate pink dress, navy dress and a lace dress

2. Let your accessories do all the talking. 
While your clothes should be understated the same doesn't go for your accessories. Racing events are the perfect opportunity to experiment with a headpiece or try out an extravagant clutch. Hats, fascinators, hatinators - the choice is yours... but please stay away from the comical, no one should be seen wearing a tray of donuts or a giant tea kettle on their head.

Women wearing elaborate fascinators at horse races

3. Wear appropriate shoes. 
In the past it was always the grass you had to worry about but since the invention of heel stoppers (see here and here) that's less of a concern. Given that racing days are long and have a lot of downtime the more important thing to consider is whether you are ok with standing around all day in your 6in Loubs. I personally am much more partial to wedges which are winners on both the comfort and the grass front. 

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