Sunday, September 27, 2015

Fall is here... both officially and unofficially… and while I wholeheartedly enjoy the colorful leaves, sweater dressing and an occasional pumpkin spice latte, I’m not one for the overwhelming darkness and near freezing temperatures at 5 am when I take my daily walk to the train. Sigh, I guess the key here is to stay positive and enjoy all the nice things about the season changing (i.e. a lot of fall shopping :)) … so in that spirit I have rounded up a few autumn inspired goodies that are sure to raise my spirits.

Mulled Wine
Despite it still being relatively early days (Christmas is 88 days away) it’s never too early to sip on a hot cup of spiced wine. While I favor mine with a splash of brandy the alcohol free versions aren’t half bad either.

This little gem will be in heavy rotation between October and March. The color is a deep shade of merlot and the suede feels buttery soft. As a bonus the shape is demure enough for the office yet fun enough for the weekend.

Over-the-Knee Boots
As weather gets cooler it’s the perfect time to wear a pair of otk boots with bare legs and a dress without risking heatstroke or frostbite.

Autumn means it's time to experiment with darker lip shades and while I'm not one to wear red lips during the day I can't resist a delicious mauve. This lip pencil looks amazing blurred out as well as worn all over.

This relatively inexpensive spray brings a smile to my face and has all-day lasting power. As a bonus, the vanilla is not ridiculously overwhelming which can be the case. I’m planning on using this as a hair scent all season long.

Apple juice reminds me of apple picking which is such a quintessentially autumnal thing but it’s the ginger and cayenne pepper that make this a must. Both are excellent at giving my metabolism the kick that it needs during somber October evenings. It’s limited edition so enjoy it before it’s gone.

I’ve never been one to pay up for fancy schmancy candles but this one is close to changing my mind. Not only does it sound fun (who doesn’t like a mimosa?) but it also smells sophisticated and divine. Fragrances are hard to explain so I suggest you take a sniff for yourself.

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