Monday, September 21, 2015

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Fall is in the air and with it the beginning of the "Awards Season". Last night's Emmys kicked off months of inevitable red carpet outfit watching and as always there were a few standouts.

While a lot of the fashion press hailed Kerry Washington as the clear winner of the outfit stakes (again), it is Claire Danes who I want to applaud for taking a risk in her Prada number and making a true statement. Her dress was striped in red and blue, had sequins, chains and a plunging neckline - it could all have gone so wrong - and yet it worked and transformed her into the belle of the ball.

 Not to say that I didn't enjoy Kerry Washington's dazzling mesh Marc Jacobs. It was another winner in my book (her choices usually are) and another example of a very "busy" dress being grounded by naked heels and barely-there accessories.

My Top 3 was rounded off by Lady Gaga who decided to forgo her usual over-the-top costumes and opted for a simple and understated black gown with only a side ruffle differentiating it from something you could buy at a department store. Most would say that the look was far too simple for someone like Ms. Gaga but I have to disagree. After all, doesn't it take more courage to forgo the theatrics and show up as yourself. Bravo!

Aside from the honorable mentions above, the Emmys looks were by and large a disappointment for me. There was a lot of plain, a lot of safe and a lot of ill-fitting. I only have to hope that there are more exciting things to come over the next 6 months.

Let me know what you thought in the comments below.

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